The Italian Winery Transforming Influencer Marketing​

Located just outside of Verona in northern Italy, Pasquais a winery with a mission to challenge and transform the way the industry interacts with influencers. Rather than simply paying influencers to advertise their products the winery supports gifted young creatives through its ‘Talent Never Tasted Better’ campaign.

Lidia Caricasole, Ballerina and Pasqua Influencer

The idea was seeded in 2017 after Pasqua’s CEORiccardo Pasqua gave a speech at the City Business Festival in Vicenza about the winery’s business model and his experiences travelling to the USA. He was then approached by a student who told him about her sister, Lidia Caricasole, who was a dancer who had just moved to New York. 

Riccardo was impressed by the fact that Lidia was one of just 12 students admitted to Juilliard’s school of dance in 2017 and by her sister’s determination to help her secure the financial support she needed to continue her studies. After inviting Lidia and her sister to visit the winery Riccardo came up with an idea which would benefit both Pasqua and Lidia.

In return for assisting with funding for Lidia’s studies in New York, Lidia would work as an influencer for the winery and share videos of her dancing. “Then I thought ‘what if we find other Veronese talent at the beginning of their career that we can help?’” explained Riccardo, “and in exchange they would become ambassadors for our winery.”

Giorgia Fincato, Artist and Pasqua Influencer

In addition to Lidia Pasqua has gone on to support two further young local creatives. Diego Rossi is a 32-year old chef of the restaurant Trippa in Milan and Giorgia Fincato is a 35-year old artist who is also based in New York. Since joining the campaign Diego has collaborated with Pasqua to create a special edition natural wine which is only available at the winery or at Diego’s restaurant.

Giorgia also collaborated closely with the winery and was commissioned by Riccardo to create a maze in the grounds of Pasqua. As well as helping the artist gain exposure, this project has helped Pasqua’s enotourismoffering and added value to the business.

In addition to the extra exposure enjoyed by the winery as a result of their innovative approach to influencer marketing, Pasqua has received an economic upliftwhich is directly linked to the campaign. Sales in 2017 totalled €50 million, but since the campaign began the winery’s projected MAT now sits at €60 million.

Riccardo concluded that “in everything we do we try to be positively disruptive. We want to do something that brings a younger generation of consumer.” The winery plans to continue the campaign into 2021 and will bring onboard an additional three young creativesfrom the local area from a diverse range of disciplines.

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