5 Wine & Spirits Trends of 2019

Millenials, organic wine, wine cocktails, bourbon barrel ageing and drinking-in are the trends for the growing wine and spirits market of 2019.

1) Millenials are of Age

Millenials out-drank the baby boomers in 2018, and by 2019, the entire generation is of drinking age.  About 1/3 of millenials drink wine daily.

Wine & spirits marketing will target millenials in 2019, with more colourful labels and catchy names.  Millenials also prefer organic and biodynamic wines, so watch out for big growth in natural wines.

2) Wine Cocktails

This summer has seen the rise of the wine cocktail or slushy – think fruit, ice and wine.  More than a mere fad, bars and restaurants around the globe are adding them to their menus.  The wine cocktail is here to stay and major brands like Kim Crawford are embracing the trend with their own cocktail recipes.

3) Natural Wines

Driven by younger drinkers desire for more healthy and sustainable product, the natural wine and spiritssegment will continue to grow strongly in 2019. Biodynamic, organic and everything in between will go mainstream in 2019.

4) Bourbon Barrel Ageing

Over the last decade, distilleries discovered wine barrels, especially port and sherry barrels as a way of adding more flavour characteristics to their distillates.

Now wine makers are discovering Bourbon and Whisky barrels to impart flavours to their wines.  Major brands such as Beringer are ageing wines in Bourbon barrels.  As with wine cocktails, creative barrel ageing is here to stay.

5) Drinking at Home 

Wine and spirits drinkers will continue to drink more and more at home, preferring the comfort of their home.  Look forward to strong growth in wine retail, both online and offline.  Make sure your wine and spirits stand out on the shelf by wearing a WWSA Medal. At the same time, premium-isation will continue as premium wines and spirits are more affordable when consumed at home vs in restaurant.

2019 will see healthy growth in wine consumption.  Make the most of this buoyant market and join all the major wine & spirits brands – act now and enter WWSA.  Entry is simple and convenient at wineawards.org

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