Canned Wine Goes Mainstream

Once a modest niche category, the canned wine movement has gathered pace over the past five years and is now one of the industry’s fastest growing categories. According to Nielsen in the USA the $45 million business only makes up around

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Bright, Eye-catching Colours

One straightforward way to make your labels stand out from the competition is to use bright, bold colours which catch consumers’ eyes as they scan the shelves. The three primary colours red, yellow and blue are

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How to Market to Female Consumers

With women now making up the majority of wine consumers in many countries around the world, fine-tuning your marketing campaigns to engage female consumers is now more important than ever. In the U.S. alone women

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5 Wine & Spirits Trends of 2019

Millenials, organic wine, wine cocktails, bourbon barrel ageing and drinking-in are the trends for the growing wine and spirits market of 2019. 1) Millenials are of Age Millenials out-drank the baby boomers in 2018, and by

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The Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards is the World’s Most Important Wine & Spirits Competition Judged by Women Organised by CWSA, the “the most influential wine and spirits competition in the world“, “responsible for 1 billion bottles sold

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WWSA Winner Nant

Australian Whisky Holdings Limited (ASX: AWY) is pleased to recognise the achievements of its wholly owned distillery “The Nant Distillery Company” at the recently announced Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards (WWSA) in London. The Nant

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