BÖEN Winery Using “Tap The Cap” Technology To Guide Consumers

BÖEN Wines in Napa Valley is trialing the use of nearfield communication (NFC) in their innovative “Tap The Cap” packaging. The winery is placing special caps on their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines which will give consumers valuable information about the wine while they are making their purchase decisions.

The winery has partnered with the Italian cap manufacturer Guala Closures and SharpEnd agencybased in London to create their NFC-integrated aluminium cap which allows smartphones to connect with it when in close range.

When consumers “tap the cap” they can access information about the specific wine they are considering purchasing. This information can help consumers make a decision on whether to buy a wine or not, with consumers more likely to purchase an item they are given more information on.

One key feature is that all of the information is available without having to enter any personal information or download the brand’s app. Consumers will, of course, be required to provide their year of birth to meet minimum legal age requirements for alcohol consumption, but beyond that there are no requirements for information from the consumer. This makes it a seamless and very easy to use process for consumers. 

BÖEN founder Joseph Wagner explained that the NFC “technology allows us to transport wine-drinkers to the very vineyards where the grapes are grown.” Consumers can enjoy a virtual tour of the vineyard and farmhouse to learn more about where the wine comes from and access additional information such as pairing suggestions.

The winery decided to introduce the technology after reflecting on the typical consumer journey in the supermarket or wine shop; “There are so many different brands, varietals, vintages of wine—it can be overwhelming when looking to make a selection in a wine store,” explained WangerBy tapping our cap, consumers can learn more about the wine right there in the store before purchasing it. Unless someone is already familiar with a brand, the only information they are working with is the price point and the design on the label,” Wagner adds. 

SharpEnd founder and CEO Cameron Worth commented that the NFC technology presented “new ways we can talk” to consumers, and the company has also been involved in developing similar products for Malibu rum and Absolut vodka

“We know consumers value connected products more,” explained Cameron Worth when questioned on the potential impact of this new technology

The NFC technology can also allow brands to connect to consumers’ social media accounts, providing valuable insights into consumers’ opinions of their products.

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