Why Generation Matters To Wine-Buying Consumers

If we compare the contents of an affluent and retired 65-year old woman’s shopping basket with a 20-something college grad, the chances are their wine purchases will be wildly different. So, what drives these generations in their wine buying choices and how can wine brands tap into this?


Now aged between 23 and 38, these young wine drinkers are fast discovering the world of wine and learning which wines they like. American-based marketing consultant Bill Geist notes that,  “They’re smart, and they’re going to save the world. They’re also the most brand-loyal generation. Find out what they want, and make it.”

Millennials value artisanal and hand-crafted products. They’re also huge users of technology, frequently making use of ecommerce and relying on the internet and social media for both wine recommendations and information, so make sure you post your WWSA Medals online. Having a solid online presence with regularly updated content can be key in attracting their loyalty.

Generation X

This generation are entering the peak years of their careers and family lives, and they may feel like upgrading their wine purchases to match this. Bill Geist notes that, “They take nothing for granted. They’ve lived through tough times but now have kids and power.” Having grown up during the internet revolution, they love to search for information before making purchases.

In addition to a dynamic social media and online presence, another way to reach this generation is by showcasing trusted Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards. This generation like to see social proof before making purchases, so having the seal of approval from World’s Leading Female Wine & Spirits Buyers is a powerful signal of quality for these consumers.

Mature and Retired

The so-called Baby Boomers tend to adopt the mentality of “You’ve earned this” when purchasing wine. Many are retired or semi-retired and own their home which gives them flexibility and the freedom to splash out on something nice when they feel like it. They’ve spent their lives working hard and now is the time to really enjoy and make the most of their golden years.

Wine competition medals are a very effective way to reach this generation since they look for quality and reliability when they buy wine. Entering the WWSA demonstrates that your wines are buyer-approved. And with women buying more wines than men, choosing a competition that is judged by female buyers will nurture brand loyalty from your biggest consumer group.

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