Bright, Eye-catching Colours

One straightforward way to make your labels stand out from the competition is to use bright, bold colours which catch consumers’ eyes as they scan the shelves. The three primary colours red, yellow and blue are particularly good at drawing attention. Bright colours work especially well for modestly priced young wines as they suggest the wines are fun, playful and easy to drink.

Go Gold For Premium Wines

To signal to the consumer that your wine is worthy of a higher price tag, consider using gold embossing to convey the higher quality of the wine compared with that of your competitors. It is usually best to restrict the gold embossing to a small area of the label, such as the name of the wine and winery, rather than covering large areas of the label with gold embossing.

Minimalist Designs

Another key design feature to help your design appeal to consumers is to use a minimalist design which looks clean and well thought-out. This can work especially well with more traditional labels aimed at a more mature consumer who values good quality, premium wines made in a classic style. Minimalist labels suggest a wine is of higher quality and has been thoughtfully designed by a talented visual artist as the wine itself has been thoughtfully made by a master winemaker.

Medals And Awards

Display Medals on your label or bottle.  WWSA Medal Stickers are eye catching, enhance the appearance of the label and send a clear message to consumers that they are buying quality wines which have been given the seal of approval by the world’s Top Female Wine Buyers.

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