1) New Markets: Wine Dinners

Wine dinners are the tried and tested way to reward existing customers and simultaneously attract new ones. Wine dinners continue to be very effective in building those first relationships.  Partner up with local restaurants or wine and food festivals to communicate directly and effectively with wine enthusiasts.

2) Brand Build: Your Own Wine Magazine

High volume flyers are the past, and the future holds high quality magazine-style publications.   You will want to include editorial style feature articles, and print on luxurious thick stock.  This will be your calling card.  Make these mini magazines available at all your points of sale for browsing.

3) Display Your Award Recognition on the Bottle

The most important factor in influencing a customer at the point of sale is to give confidence that this is a safe buy.  Nothing is as effective as giving that confidence as a medal displayed on the bottle.  In recent months, a flurry of large brand owners have been seen to add award stickers on their labels.

4) Tell A Story

The classic wine descriptions of nose and palate are being rapidly replaced by a less technical message.  Emotive stories are winning the day.  This may include the history of the winery, the winemaker or family, or just an amusing anecdote that will make your customers smile.

Tips on how to serve the wine are very much here to stay.

5) Millennial Marketing

The generation born in the 80s and 90s are entering the wine enthusiast stage of life.  Millennials are attracted by emotive branding, illustrative logos, brighter colour and bolder fonts.  Many wine and spirits brands are experiencing great success with new products that target this demographic, whilst keeping their perhaps more classic brand appealing to existing customer.

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