Making Wine & Spirits Fun: Drinks Marketing for the Experience Generation

With their passionate hunger for new and exciting experiences, we’ve all heard about how Millennials are shaping the future of the wine industry. No longer content with simply enjoying a good bottle of wine, these consumers want wines that will offer them memorable experiences and opportunities to share those experiences with others either in person or through social media. Here are three ways that the wine industry is responding to this upcoming generation of wine consumers. 

1. Interactive wine labels

In the U.K. one major retailer has recently released a wine label that is designed to be coloured in. Taking inspiration from the wildly successful adult colouring books, M&S collaborated with British illustrator Daisy Fletcher to create an attractive tropical-influenced design for their so-called “Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc” wine from Chile.

The idea is that consumers will colour in the label after having drunk the wine and they can then post their finished design on social media with the hashtag #colourmewines to enter a competition to win a magnum of Prosecco. This smart concept taps into millennial consumers’ love of instantly sharing their lives on social media and their preference for brands that offer fun experiences and innovative and creative alternatives to traditional products.

2. Wine on the go

Millennials love spontaneity and the ability to simply enjoy a glass of wine whenever they feel like it, so it’s no surprise that wines in a can and single-serve plastic glasses have hit the shelves in supermarkets and stores.

These alternative formats prioritise convenience since the consumer doesn’t need access to a corkscrew and wine glass in order to enjoy their wine. They’re also the ideal accompaniment to favourite Millennial pastimes like attending festivals or enjoying quality time with friends.

3. Clever design

Fun and eye catching labels are another must for modern consumers who can often be tempted to try a new wine if its design takes their fancy. A great example are the Matsu wines from D.O. Toro in Spain which each feature a different male face ranging from a young man to a grandfatherly figure which adorns their oldest wine. This makes it really easy for consumers to understand the differences between their wines and select the one that best fits their requirements.

These wine marketing ideas are just a taster of what is happening in the industry right now, but it is clear that in order to capture the Millennial market producers will need to think outside the box. It truly is time to make wine and spirits  fun.

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