Many wine & spirits producers employ Brand Ambassadors in their key markets.  We highlight the 3 often overlooked Brand Ambassadors you already have, and how to maximise their impact.

1) Sales Staff

Your Sales Staff already know your product and your customers.  There is no better place to invest in than training them in public speaking, and making sure they know how to tell all the brand stories that make up your brand, and know the Awards you have won.  Especially if you are in a new market or have smaller team, train your sales staff
and you will increase sales and brand awareness in one go.

2) CEO or Owner

The CEO or owner of your brand has more authority than anyone else in your business.  Are you maximising that authority?  He or she is the ultimate spokesperson for your brand.  They may not have the time to be on the road all year, but there are other ways to utilise their powers:

•    Speak at public events, such as expos, conferences and wine festivals.
•    Write an ‘Owner’s’ blog to interest new customers and write a personal letter to retain existing ones

3) Your Customers

Your loyal customers are fantastic advocates for your brand.

A good way to get them engaged is to let them know you are releasing a new product and are looking for reviews from a trusted group of consumers, a group that will access the product first.  You can offer them a ‘VIP’ status that gives them access to new releases, or usage of your wine cellar for a private dinner per year – be creative with offering benefits.

To make it simple, clearly outline what you’re hoping to achieve from the ambassador program and provide them anything else that might help, information on your products, social media profiles and imagery etc.

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