Many studies have shown that women buy 80% of all wine in developed countries, such as the July 2005 study by Beverage World, Joanne Yaccato’s The 80% Minority and recent studies by Vinexpo.

That means marketing to women is key! Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards reveal marketing strategies scientifically proven to appeal to women wine buyers, based on a study by Sonoma State and Northeast Universities.

  1. Women ask more questions to store personnel, a server, sommelier, or winery personnel.
  2. Labels and shelf tags are more important for women.
  3. Women rely on medals and awards more than men.

Women ask more questions, so make sure your store personnel, servers, sommeliers, and winery personnel have the information and training required to recommend your wine. If you don’t already have a write up on each of your wines, get writing!

Shelf talkers that answer key questions are very effective at swaying female consumers. We shall be discussing what makes a great shelf talker in another issue. Send us your best shelf talkers to be featured!

The main concern of women is the social risks of wine buying. They wonder how to avoid being embarrassed in front of business associates and friends.

Scientifically proven risk reduction strategies are :

  • recommendations of friends and colleagues
  • advice of sales associates – think staff training!
  • Price as an indicator of quality – too cheap may be off-putting!
  • Medals, usually at the gold or silver level, signal quality to the wine purchaser. “This is a safe purchase!”

Less than 1% of worldwide sales of wine go to sophisticated wine connoisseurs who are able to evaluate the quality of a wine based on varietal, producer, vintage, and vineyard.

The average wine consumer relies on medals, usually at the gold or silver level. The stick-on medals help wine buyers quickly and reliably find quality wines on their retailers’ shelves.

PS: Women are more brand loyal than men. There is scientific proof that offering more choices
the same winery on a shelf or wine list increases sales. So go talk to your distributors to widen your available range!


Women look for more information when buying wine than men. Staff training at the point of sale is therefore paramount. Shelf talkers are effective. The biggest obstacle to your wine being picked up by a women is her not wanting to be embarrassed. Give her confidence with award medals on the bottle!

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Medals signal this is a safe, quality purchase. This wine won’t embarrass me in front of my friends and business associates…

Women ask questions of sales staff, so make sure they are trained to recommend your wine.

Have a shelf talker for each wine! Women want information!

Good news, women are more brand loyal! Grow your
range on offer in retail and restaurants and your sales will grow!